Travel companies and authorised guides

The following information is aimed at travel companies and authorised guides who wish to visit Drottningholm Palace and the Chinese Pavilion with groups. Below, you can read about independent visits, logistics, practical information, payment, tours with a palace guide, opening hours and planned closures.

OPENING hours 2023

Drottningholm Palace
31 December 2022–8 January 2023: daily 10.00–16.00
14 January-30 April: Saturday-Sunday 10.00–16.00
(Easter holiday 6–10 April: daily 10.00–16.00)
May-September: daily 10.00–17.00
1 October-10 December: Saturday-Sunday 10.00–16.00
31 December 2023–7 January 2024: daily10.00–16.00

The Chinese Pavilion
6–28 May: Saturday-Sunday 11.00–17.00
1 June-31 August: daily 11.00–17.00
2–24 September: Saturday-Sunday 11.00–17.00

Opening hours The Pavilion Café
Opening hours The Royal Gift Shop

In conjunction with His Majesty the King's official reception the palace can be completely or partially closed.*

* other opening hours 2023

7-19: Drottningholm Palace closed

Price list, terms & conditions for travel companies

Due to increased costs and adjustments to prices in general, The Royal Palaces will implement increased prices for tour operators in the coming two years, 2023 and 2024. Rates for the years following thereafter will be communicated later.

Price list with terms and conditions 2023
The 2023 price list for tour operators and authorised guides has now been confirmed and will enter into force on 1 January 2023. The document Terms & conditions and Price list can be ordered via the form below, or by phone +46 8 402 61 00, telephone hours weekdays 9:00 AM to 12 PM.

Price list with terms and conditions 2024
Price list with terms and conditions for 2024 will be available in October 2023.

Please note that travel companies and authorised guides are responsible for obtaining new
prices lists in writing before each season.

Price list request


Independent visits

We are admitting external groups to Drottningholm Palace and The Chinese Pavilion within opening hours. Guided tours may be held indoors.

Admission tickets
There are a limited number of tickets that are valid for a specific day and time slot. Purchasing an admission ticket guarantees entry at the time stated on the ticket.

Admission tickets can be purchased online at the regular price.

Admission tickets with a tour operator discount can only be purchased at the entrance on arrival. You are welcome to contact us before your visit to make a reservation or check availability. Contact information can be found further down this page, under Contact and inquiries.

Group size
Drottningholm Palace: We do not have any minimum or maximum limits for external groups, but we recommend a maximum of 30 people to ensure the best possible experience. Large groups may be directed past certain rooms due to space constraints. Please follow the instructions of the palace staff.

The Chinese Pavilion: On the upper floor we allow maximum 20 people at a time. On the main floor we recommend a maximum of 30 people to ensure the best possible experience. Large groups may be directed past certain rooms due to space constraints. Please follow the instructions of the palace staff.

Opening hours should always be checked before visiting as there may be closures in connection with HM The King's official receptions.

Drottningholm Palace: The entrance is located on the waterfront side of the palace. Please come to the front desk in the vestibule when you arrive, so that we can check your voucher and let you know which floor you can begin on. All visitors should make their way clockwise around each floor.

The Chinese Pavilion: Enter via the central doors within the gravelled area. Visitors are welcome to make their way around the pavilion in the direction of their choice, but should of course pay attention to other groups.

Practical information

Owing to the sensitive environment, larger bags/backpacks or suitcases cannot be taken into the palaces. Umbrellas must be placed in umbrella stands. Smaller bags and backpacks can be taken in provided that they are worn on your front and are under full surveillance. This also applies to child harnesses.
Please note: There are no storage lockers or other bag storage facilities at the palace.

Visitor parking is available at Drottningholm and the Drottningholm Palace Theatre. Bus and wheelchair accessible parking is also available. Additional parking approximately 300m from the Palace at Karusellplan and a smaller visitor parking by The Chinese Pavilion (please see Area map).

Parking fee/hour is charged. Parking time maximum 6 hours. Wheelchair accessible parkings and bus parkings are free of charge.

Photographing and filming is allowed for private use – without flash/lights, tripods, selfie sticks or other fixed equipment – as long as it does not disturb other visitors, guided tours or other activity at the palace. Photographing and filming with 360 camera or drone camera are not allowed. Commercial or other arranged photography or filming is not allowed. For full terms and conditions, please see Terms of photographing and filming.

Would you like images for your tour?
Please visit our image gallery for high-resolution downloadable images.

Please visit the Royal Gift Shop at our visitor's centre. Here, you will find a wide range of products with a connection to objects from the Royal Collections. A smaller selection of products is also available in the entrance vestibule at Drottningholm Palace and at the Chinese Pavilion. For more information, please see the Royal Gift Shop's website.


Payments can be made by card or cash on site. The full amount is paid by the group leader. We accept the following currencies: SEK only.

Payment by voucher is accepted. Please present your voucher at the front desk on arrival. NB: E-mail vouchers cannot be accepted. Your invoice will be sent after the visit. Payment terms are 30 days net. We invoice you for each voucher. Merging of several vouchers is not possible.

The voucher needs to state the following information:

  • The company’s full name, address and contact details
  • The company's invoice address (postal address and email for pdf-invoice/information regarding electronic invoice)
  • The company’s e-mail address for payment matters
  • The company's phone number
  • Any voucher ID so that you can identify the group for which we are invoicing you
  • The palace you are visiting (one voucher per site)
  • The date of the visit
  • Number of visitors, broken down into:
    adults, children aged 7-17, children aged 0-6 and number of travel guides/coach drivers (free entry for a maximum of two)
  • Specify what you will be paying for (entrance, guided tours, etc.)
  • Signature and printed name of the group leader

Please note: If you are visiting both Drottningholm Palace and the Chinese Pavilion, two separate vouchers are required.

is not possible.

Tours with a palace guide and visits outside opening hours

Guided tours with a palace guide and visits outside opening hours cannot be offered until further notice.

Contact and requests

Please contact us using the form below or by calling +46 (0)8 402 61 00. Phone hours on weekdays between 9:00 and 12:00.

Site / Desired date / Desired time / Number of people

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